1. You must have a valid Louisiana driver's license to finance a vehicle. You may also purchase a vehicle cash with a current ID.

2. You must have a job we can verify by providing your employer's phone number, current checks stubs, or Income Tax returns.

3. People receiving SSI or disability checks will be allowed to make monthly payments. These checks are excepted as a source of income.

4. You must live locally. This excludes Baton Rouge, Bogalusa, LaPlace, New Orleans, and Mississippi. They are out of our financial zones, however, if you live out of our trade area we can sell you a vehicle at an amazing cash price.

5. You must have a down payment. All financing is done in-house. We cannot make any exceptions to this rule. Partial down payments not accepted.


Any other questions may be addressed to us via phone or fax. See our Contact Us page for information.


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